Ma'an News Agency
May 28, 2010 - 12:00am

Hamas' Salah Al-Bardawil said Amnesty International's comparison of resistance projectiles to Israel's war on Gaza last year must have been done in irony, given the total misalignment of consequences of the two.

"Tens of thousands of Palestinians were killed or disfigured, their limbs were amputated or they lost their homes," the Hamas official said of Israeli strikes on Gaza and the impact of the country's Operation Cast Lead last winter.

In comparison, he noted, few injuries or damages have been reported as a result of the resistance fighters projectiles. One Thai man was, however, killed earlier in the year.

Al-Bardawil called the comparison of the two situations a "big mistake" and berating authors of the annual report for "just thinking of comparing between the attacker and the victim to justify its denunciation of the Israeli occupation."

Citing the still-visible destruction from the war on Gaza, since Israel's blockade on the area has largely prevented construction and repair equipment into the Strip, he said "the occupier must be criminalized, to do anything else is unfair to Palestinians."

Comparing the weapons used by Israeli forces and the home-made projectiles of the resistance factions, Al-Bardawil asked how a giant arsenal could be put beside cobbled rockets.

He called on Amnesty to re-evaluate its report, and read the materials submitted by Hamas to investigations committees that preceded the publication of the Goldstone report.


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