May 13, 2010 - 12:00am

The Ministry of Planning of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) announced on Wednesday that the United States will provide the PNA 500 million U.S. dollars as a support for the year 2010.

In a statement published by the state-run news agency Wafa, the ministry said it had concluded bilateral talks over executing developing programs in the Palestinian territories with Daniel Rubinstein, representative of the U.S. government, and Howard Somka, chief of USAID.

"The U.S. government reiterated during the talks that it will continue direct support to the Palestinian National Authority budget with 150 million dollars for the year 2010," said the statement.

It added that the U.S. government will pay another 250 million dollars for developing programs divided as follow: 93 million for health, education and social welfare, 95 million for economic development, 38 million for security and justice and 23.9 million for humanitarian aid, in addition to devoting 100 million dollars for drugs fighting and reinforcing discipline.

"The talks over achieving a series of developing programs in the Palestinian territories is a distinctive promotion of the bilateral ties between the PNA and the U.S. administration," said the ministry.

The United States is not only financially supporting the PNA, but also exerts efforts to resume the stalled Middle East peace process and resume talks between the PNA and Israel to establish the future Palestinian statehood.


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