April 13, 2010 - 12:00am

Government sources said Israel would reject any move by the administration of US President Barack Obama to set a timetable and benchmarks for peace talks with the Palestinians, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

It further reported that international sources, including Jordan's King Abdullah, said the US must pressure both parties by setting a timetable for the peace process.

King Abdullah met with President Obama in Washington on Monday. A White House statement issued after the meeting said the two discussed a number of issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the dispute between the West and Iran.

The statement said that the two urged both Israel and the Palestinians to refrain from actions that may diminish trust between the two parties.

Over the weekend, US National Security Advisor James Jones said the administration was mulling over way to renew the peace talks, but that no decision had been made.

He commented on recent reports in US media, according to which Obama was "seriously considering" declaring this autumn an American peace plan for the Middle East to be based on the outlines presented by former President Bill Clinton at Camp David a decade ago.

Jones confirmed that Obama had recently met with former administration officials to discuss formulating a new strategy for the Middle East. He said there are ongoing talks, but that no surprises are being planned.


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