Ma'an News Agency
March 16, 2010 - 12:00am

Ramallah – Ma'an – During its weekly cabinet meeting on Monday, the Palestinian Authority condemned Israeli settlement expansion in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The cabinet said it welcomed the US, EU and Quartet's stance against the announcement that 1,600 Israeli-only homes are to be built in occupied East Jerusalem, further calling on Israel to revoke its decision.

Moreover, PA ministers denounced Israel's move to declare areas in Bil'in and Nil'in closed military zones - the sites of weekly anti-wall demonstrations. The decision effectively prohibits international and Israeli activists from participating in the protests.

Child detentions

The cabinet called on the international community and the human rights organizations to take action against the Israeli policy of detaining children, noting that 300 are currently in Israeli custody.

Local elections

After reviewing a report issued by the PA Minister of Local Governance on preparations for local elections scheduled for July, the cabinet called on residents to register their names to vote. Ministers added that the cabinet deemed it vital that the Central Elections Commission prepared for local elections in Gaza, to ensure participation.

Palestine Investment Conference, 2010

PA ministers discussed preparations underway to host the second Palestine Investment Conference in June, in Bethlehem. The Minister of Economy, Hasan Abu Libdeh, said all necessary committees have been formed and invitations have been sent to Palestinian businesses, requesting their participation.

The cabinet called on Arab and other countries to invest in the occupied Palestinian territories to revive national economy.

The allocation of public lands

The cabinet approved a recommendation from the Land Commission to allocate government land for the following public use:

Establishing a water reservoir for the Ad-Dyouk and Al-Nowe’meh villages;

Establishing headquarters for the Ad-Dyouk Cooperative Society and a kindergarten;

Establishing an educational center for children in El-Ezariyya, East Jerusalem;

Establishing yards and playgrounds for the Al-Amal Association for the Deaf in the Nabi Elias village, Qalqilyia.

Allocation of government land in Ertah village, Tulkarem for the following purposes:

Allocating 30 donums of land to establish a fuel terminal;

Allocating land for the Ministry of Transport in Tulkarem;

Allocating land for the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.


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