Ma'an News Agency
October 29, 2009 - 12:00am

Ramallah - Ma'an - US General Keith Dayton is involved in “training and only training,” and does not interfere in the security mission of the Palestinian Security Services, Prime Minister of the caretaker government Salam Fayyad commented.

An interview with Fayyad ran as a feature in the Ramallah-based Palestine Studies magazine, whose latest issue was released Wednesday.

In the article, Fayyad discussed the mission of Dayton and his role in the development of the Palestinian Security Forces, as well as the progress on his two-year plan for the declaration of an independent Palestinian state.

“Violence is no longer part of the Palestinian resistance,” Fayyad announced while addressing questions around the role of Dayton. After the Oslo Accords, he explained, the track of violent resistance came to an end, and now negotiations must be used as an alternative. “There is an occupation,” he said, but “arms and chaos are not the solution.”

Instead, Fayyad promoted his two-year plan, released in August, which sets out a plan for state and institution building “despite the existence of the occupation,” and with an eye to totally overthrowing it when two years comes to an end.

The magazine staff pressed Fayyad on the issue of a Palestinian state, and asked whether the 1988 declaration of independence, unheeded by the international community, or the Oslo Accords in 1993 form the basis of a Palestinian state.

“We as Palestinians agreed to the Oslo Accords and all that was planned after it. Its essence was the agreement to a two-state solution, and all our actions that followed [Oslo] were a series of negotiations, and in each time we reached no solution after negotiating with Israel,” he answered.

“We need to be clear, however,” Fayyad continued, “because what I mean when I say a national program is one under the PLO, but [at the same time] one that is part of the Palestinian peace initiative of 1988.”


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