October 23, 2009 - 12:00am

Pro-Palestinian protestors disrupted Ehud Olmert's speech in a San Francisco hotel on Thursday night, exactly one week after the former Israeli premier was verbally attacked at the University of Chicago over alleged war crimes committed by the Jewish state during the Gaza war.

"You are a war criminal and a murderer," one of the protestors shouted at Olmert during the speech before being removed from the auditorium by security officers.

Another protestor shouted, "You are a war criminal. San Francisco should be ashamed to have a war criminal here."

A young woman, identified by the person who documented the incident as a Jew, stood up and shouted, "No more genocide in my name." Another woman waved her hands, which were painted red.

The people who documented the protest did it secretly using a cellular phone, as cameras were not allowed into the lecture, and posted the clip on YouTube.

As opposed to the disturbance at the Chicago speech, this time the guards appeared to have acted more firmly against the protestors. One of the demonstrators was even removed from the auditorium by policemen grabbing his arms and legs and carrying him out.

During the speech, one of the protestors screamed at Olmert, "A hospital has been destroyed," referring to the Israel Air Forces' air strikes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

The former prime minister appeared calm throughout the disturbances, and didn't stop speaking despite the commotion.

The clip's creators who documented the incident said they were proud to have managed to shut down Olmert's message through the protest inside and outside the auditorium. "We shall protest every speech until the war criminal is indicted," they wrote at the end of the clip.


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