Ali Waked
July 20, 2009 - 12:00am,7340,L-3749318,00.html

A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council proposes to deduct one dollar from the salaries of hundreds of thousands of PA clerks to be invested in the struggle for Jerusalem.

Jihad Abu Zneid, a Fatah member from Jerusalem presented her bid during a visit held by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in the Qalandiya refugee camp, north of the capital.

Abu Zneid mentioned that the PA must put a lot of effort into dealing with the "Israeli Judaization efforts" which include the evacuation and destruction of houses in Jerusalem and its suburbs.

According to Zneid, in light of the PA's financial state, one of the ways to achieve this is to deduct one dollar off the salaries of Palestinian officials and invest them in Palestinian families facing eviction.

Fayyad promised to consider the proposal and mentioned that the issue of securing the Palestinian charachter of Jerusalem is one of his top priorities.

The issue of the Israeli construction in east Jerusalem, as well as construction in settlements, is at the heart of the controversy between Israel and the US.

Deep disagreement
The disagreement led Sunday to the second delay of a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US special envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell.

Official Israeli sources said that Netanyahu was the one who decided to leak the confrontation with the US regarding the construction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as a preliminary step designed to prevent an American effort to cease Jewish construction in east Jerusalem.

Israeli ambassador to Washington, Michael Oren was consequently summoned to a consultation in the State Department.

During the government session Netanyahu stressed that Arabs also reside in the western part of Jerusalem and that Israel "cannot accept the notion that Jews will not have the right to live and purchase apartments in all parts of Jerusalem".


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