The Jerusalem Post
July 14, 2009 - 12:00am

The Peace Now movement launched a new campaign on Tuesday, calling on Israelis to push for a freeze on settlement construction.

The campaign focuses around the slogan: "Settlements are not Obama's problem, not the world's problem, but your problem."

At a press conference held in Jerusalem Tuesday morning, Peace Now chair Yariv Oppenheimer said, "The Israeli public has been brainwashed, first by the Labor party, and then by Kadima, Likud and obviously the right-wing parties, that settlement building is in the nation's interest."

"We want to remind the Israeli public that settlements are a fundamental obstacle to reaching a two-state solution," he went on.

During the press conference, Peace Now representatives pointed out that the recently-approved 2009 budget allocated NIS 13 billion for settlement spending over the next two years, coming directly out of the Israeli taxpayer's pocket.

The group also presented damning figures about outposts in the West Bank. According to the group, at least 100 illegal outposts - within which nearly 4,000 settlers are living - need to be dismantled. The group estimated that at least 36 of those outposts require IDF protection, which they say is provided by at least 700 soldiers each week.


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