Ali Waked
May 19, 2009 - 12:00am,7340,L-3718088,00.html

Hamas announced that it was not encouraged by US President Barack Obama's statements in his meeting Monday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Obama's statements and messages of hope are meant to mislead global public opinion regarding the continued existence and conduct of the racist and extremist Zionist entity," said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum on Tuesday.

Obama informed Netanyahu during their meeting that he intends to promote a new regional peace initiative for the Middle East.

Speaking to reporters following his meeting with Obama, the prime minister said that to his understanding the regional component will be the key focal point of the new initiative. It will likely be presented in Obama's planned June 4th speech in Cairo.

The Hamas spokesman said that Netanyahu neglected to mention the rights of the Palestinian people, while emphasizing the demand to have Hamas recognize Israel as a Jewish state, and that President Obama failed to pressure the Israeli PM on this issue.

He also stated that the US administration has not made any concrete move that could indicate to a genuine policy change.

"Therefore, the stance of the American president does not bode a better future for our people. What we have seen is a continued development of the Zionist-American relationship at the expense of our people and our rights," Barhoum declared.

Hamas also called on the Palestinian Authority not to renew negotiations with "the Zionist enemy." According to Barhoum, "Any return to the negotiating table presents a grave danger to the Palestinian people and its interest, and could enable the racist Jewish state to continue hurting our people."


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