Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
February 12, 2009 - 1:00am

Member of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Democratic Front Saleh Zeidan on Thursday said that the issue of the truce between Palestinian factions and Israel will be done in few days based on halting the Israeli violations and the opening of all crossings.
Zeidan said in a statement distributed by the front's central media department that "There is significant progress in terms of the Cairo talks on the issues of Palestinian dialogue and calm," pointing to the existence of some of the points and issues that need further clarification.
He added that there would be a possibility of a declaration of calm between the Palestinian factions and the Israeli side in the coming days.
As for the national dialogue procedure, Zeidan explained that the repercussions of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and the victory of the extremist right-wing camp in the Israeli elections, may play an important role in the success of national dialogue which would be held in Cairo, on the contrary to what was previously made to end the internal division.
He indicated that the issue of dialogue is linked to a number of important issues including the issue of reconstruction and final lifting of the siege imposed on the Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip so as not to complicate the political process more than it is now.


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