The Jordan Times
November 23, 2008 - 8:00pm

His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday urged the international community to act immediately to end the suffering of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, warning that a humanitarian crisis with a devastating impact is looming in the enclave.

He called for breaking the Israeli siege on the strip to allow in badly needed humanitarian assistance.

King Abdullah made his remarks yesterday during a business lunch hosted by French Ambassador to the Kingdom Denys Gauer, attended by EU ambassadors.

His Majesty pointed to the important role the EU can play in efforts to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the basis of the two-state solution, describing it as the only way to achieve security and stability in the region. The Monarch noted that such a solution would end the situation where 57 UN member states still do not recognise Israel as a state.

The EU is expected to support peaceful negotiations, provide the Palestinians with economic assistance and help empower institutions of the Palestinian Authority, the King told the envoys.

During the meeting, the ambassadors were briefed on the Kingdom’s efforts to improve the country’s economic performance, create job opportunities and strengthen the middle class.

His Majesty stressed that the Kingdom is pressing ahead with the reforms and the modernisation process.

The King also highlighted that respecting human rights, especially the freedom of speech and the rights of women and children, is a constant in Jordan’s policy-making, adding that these policies are coupled with training, awareness campaigns and legislative reform.

Also Sunday, the King instructed the government to immediately send food and humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip.

King Abdullah has previously demanded that Israel open Gaza crossroads and allow the humanitarian aid into the strip immediately, warning against repercussions of tightening the situation on Palestinians.

The Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organisation has in the past few years dispatched 242 convoys loaded with humanitarian and medical aid to the West Bank and Gaza to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian people.


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