Aviad Glickman
September 17, 2008 - 8:00pm

Residents of Yad Yair petition High Court to stop illegal West Bank outpost's evacuation. Court grants plea, order arrives shortly after IDF, Civil Administration conclude demolition
Aviad Glickman

The High Court of Justice issued a temporary restraining order Thursday against the IDF's intent to tear down structures in the illegal West Bank outpost of Yad Yair.

The order, however, arrived too late, as IDF forces and Civil Administration officials already razed the buildings. The IDF declared the Yad Yair area a restricted military zone and, according to Palestinian sources, instructed Palestinian security forces to vacate the area.

Yad Yair residents filed an urgent motion against the demolition, citing vacating the outpost's residents and tearing it down was illegal.

The IDF and Civil Administration, stated the petition, intend on "acting clandestinely, in a way that is sure to irrevocably harm us, while the option of giving (the residents) the proper notice has yet to be utilized."

The court granted the petition, issuing a temporary restraining order meant to stop the demolition, but to no avail. The settlers vowed to return to the area by day's end, but no clashes between IDF troops and settlers have been reported at this time.

"Everything has a price and that price will be made evident across the West Bank within hours," one of the settlers said.

Tuesday saw Yad Yair residents enlist the help of hundreds of people against their outpost's evacuation. IDF forces decided to postpone the evacuation, and Thursday's action ? according to sources in the outpost ? was nothing more than "childish revenge".


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