Deutsche Presse Agentur
August 7, 2008 - 5:00pm

Gaza - Unknown militants stormed a Gaza Strip beach resort early Wednesday and burned it down, after handcuffing three security guards, witnesses and security sources said.

The militants left the Ebad al-Rahman resort after confiscating three computers, the sources added.

The resort, which opened this summer, is located in the north-west of the salient, not far from the main headquarter of Hamas' internal security force.

Attacks against places of entertainment have increased in the Strip since June last year when militants from Hamas routed forces loyal to secular President Mahmoud Abbas and seized security control of the salient.

Although shadowy Islamic groups have claimed responsibility for the attacks, Hamas charges that Abbas' Fatah group is behind the incidents in order to undermined the Hamas administration in the enclave.

A bomb exploded prematurely last month in front of a cafe, killing the militant who was handling it. That same day, five Hamas militants and a girl were killed in a car bomb.

Hamas blamed the blast on Fatah and arrested over 160 people, sparking a new round of internecine violence in the Strip.


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