Ali Waked
July 23, 2008 - 5:01pm,7340,L-3571935,00.html

Israel has informed the Palestinian Authority that it is willing to pardon 24 wanted al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades' members as part of the prisoner release deal signed between both sides in 2007, Palestinian sources said Tuesday.

The decision was made following defense establishment assessments. Four of the men will be fully pardoned and would be able to move freely within Palestinian territories. The rest would be able to move freely within Palestinian Zone A and will no longer be included on Israel's most wanted list.

Ynet reported about six months ago that Israel and the PA were able to reach an agreement whereby hundreds of wanted Fatah men will begin a three-month probation period. Those who were to refrain from engaging in terror activity were to be pardoned according to the agreement and removed from Israel's most wanted lists.


The latest list of pardoned al-Aqsa Brigades members does not include any prominent names, but a Palestinian security official told Ynet that "despite the small number, we believe that in light of the prevailing conditions we should welcome the list and continue to move forward, so that the amnesty will include all wanted members of the organization."

"All of us are 100% committed to the agreement and to the orders of President Abbas," he said.


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