China View
January 31, 2008 - 6:05pm

Majority of Palestinians support that President Mahmoud Abbas' security forces take control on Gaza Strip crossing points, a poll showed on Wednesday.

    According to the poll, conducted two days ago by An-Najah University, 73.9 percent of the surveyed said the pro-Abbas security forces should be deployed on the crossings in order to reopen them.

    Israel closed passages into Gaza Strip in June when Hamas routed Abbas' Fatah movement and took control of the crossings. After more than six months of Israeli siege, Abbas proposed a plan to reopen the crossings but Hamas says any such effort will not succeed if it bypasses its administration in Gaza.

    The sample of the survey was made of 1,360 persons aged above 18. And 860 of them were in West Bank and 500 in Gaza with a margin of error plus or minus three percent.

    70.7 percent supported the flowing of Gazans into Sinai for shopping a few days ago when Hamas militants blew up the borders in southern Gaza Strip town of Rafah. 46.5 percent believe the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) reaction to the Israeli siege on the Hamas-run Gaza was good.

    The poll showed that a majority of 54.8 percent of Palestinians oppose attacks on Israel using home-made rockets which the militant groups fire from Gaza. 43.7 percent supported the rocket attacks.


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