UPDATE: ATFP Advocacy Efforts During the Ongoing Tragic Hostilities

As tragic and appalling hostilities erupted again between Israelis and Palestinians, the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) engaged in intensive advocacy efforts to call for an immediate cease-fire to save lives and spare the innocent. On July 8th, ATFP issued a formal press release calling for de-escalation between Israel and the Palestinians.

ATFP's public advocacy included organizing or participating in four high-profile panel discussions, publishing nine major articles, conducting numerous media interviews and on and off the record meetings with decision- and opinion-makers from around the world.

Below is a partial list of ATFP's media engagement since June 30th.


ATFP, "Israeli-Palestinian War in a New Regional Landscape." (07/17)

Ziad Asali:

MSNBC video with Asali on the Israeli war in Gaza. (07/18)

BBC Video of Asali on the Violence in Palestine & Israel. (07/02)

Al-Arabiya Video of Asali on the hostilities in Palestine & Israel. (07/15)

Al Hurra Video of Asali on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (07/18)

Asali quoted in JTA: “Round up the usual brokers?” (07/11)

Asali quoted in Politco: "Mideast crisis strains Clinton legacy" (07/15)

Ghaith al-Omari:

Washington Institute Panel, "The Conflict in Gaza: Recalculating the..." (07/23)

AEI Panel, "Operation Protective Edge: The spreading conflagration..." (07/16)  

Audio of Al-Omari on Gaza ceasefire with Carl Wolfson on Xray.FM. (07/31)    

Al-Omari quoted in JTA "Gaza conflict sidelines Abbas..." (07/15)

Hussein Ibish:

Wilson Center Panel, "Whither the Palestinians." (07/07)


VOA video of Ibish on the tensions between Israel and Hamas. (07/10)

NewsMax TV video of Ibish on de-escalation between Israel and Hamas. (07/10)


Al Hurra video of Ibish on Hamas and Israel. (07/15)

Ibish quoted in International Business Times: "Why Egypt Has A Direct Interest..." (07/31)

Ibish quoted in Jewish Journal: "10 truths about the Gaza conflict." (07/30)

Ibish quoted in Asharq al-Awsat: "Israeli rhetoric against Washington is intensifying..." (07/30)

Ibish quoted in AFP: "Gaza truce bid by Kerry burdened by past US failures." (07/29)

CNN transcript of Ibish on Gaza ceasefire. (07/28)

Ibish's article in The National, "Israel’s rhetoric exposes some disturbing moral grey..." (07/27)

Ibish quoted in VOX: "Why the US has the most pro-Israel foreign policy in the world." (07/24)

Ibish quoted in Detroit Free Press: "5 reasons this Israel-Hamas war is different." (07/24)

Ibish quoted in Calcalist: "Where do we go from here."(07/24)

Ibish quoted in CNN: "What I'm reading: Crossing borders." (07/23)

Ibish's article in Now, "Israel's latest self-inflicted wound." (07/22)

Audio of Ibish on Hamas and the battle for Gaza on RN. (07/21)    

Ibish quoted in The Dish: "The Biggest Loser In The Gaza War." (07/21)

Ibish's article in The National, "Gaza crisis reveals regional splits." (07/18) 

Ibish quoted in Foreign Policy: "Palestinians turn to the UN Security Council for help." (07/18)

Ibish's article in Foreign Policy, "A Pox on all their houses." (07/18)

Ibish's article in Foreign Affairs, "Bibi's First War." (07/16)

Ibish quoted in Huffington Post: "What To Read On The Israel-Gaza Crisis." (07/16)

Ibish's article in Now, "Did Netanyahu close the door on peace?" (07/15)

Ibish quoted in VOX: “Why Hamas' military wing scuttled..." (07/15)

Ibish quoted in VOX: "What Israel and Hamas are really trying..." (07/14)

Ibish's article in The National, “Palestinians die..." (07/13)

Ibish quoted in Daily Beast: "Israeli Intel Chief: Hamas Is..."  (06/30)

Tala Haikal:

Haikal and Sarsars' article in the Huffington Post, "The Solution to Middle East Chaos." (07/28)

Haikal's article in the Huffington Post, "Empathy is Essential to..." (07/10)


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