September 10th

NEWS: A new UN report details poverty in Gaza. Palestinians continue to protest rising prices, as truck drivers block streets. Israeli officials rule out Palestinian requests to modify the Paris Protocol to ease economic woes. The PA says public employees will receive half pay on Wednesday. Protesters call on Pres. Abbas to resign. PM Fayyad says the protests demonstrate the PA's commitment to freedom of expression. A rocket fired from Gaza hits a house in southern Israel, causing damage but no injuries. Israel will compensate a Palestinian family which lost two sons in the 2009 Gaza war. Israel's Cabinet votes to upgrade the status of a school in a West Bank settlement to that of an officially recognized “university.” Palestinian children in occupied Hebron face serious challenges in returning to school. Some Palestinians in Jordan are threatened with losing their citizenship. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon suffer from long waits for medical care. COMMENTARY: Saud Abu Ramadan argues Salafist militants in Gaza are trying to drag Hamas into a war with Israel. Adam Gonn says there's a direct connection between a potential renewed Palestinian UN bid and the urgent need for economic relief. Amira Hass says Palestinians should remember their problems mainly stem from the occupation. Hagai Segal says the settlers have won the battle for the West Bank against Israeli moderates and the Palestinians. Alon Liel says Israel is repeating its “low stool” diplomatic tactics used against Turkish officials with US Amb. Shapiro. Salman Masalha says it's ridiculous that anybody involved in the Oslo Accords ever got a Nobel Peace Prize. Eric Yoffie says it won't matter much to Israel whether Pres. Obama is reelected or Mitt Romney wins the presidency. Robert Turner says the new UN report shows the urgent need to lift the blockade of Gaza. The National encourages the Palestinians to seek greater recognition at the UN. Tariq Alhomayed says it is political buffoonery for Arabs to allow Hamas and Hezbollah to thrive while the PA is on the brink of bankruptcy. Dan Ephron profiles Israel's powerful and growing settler movement.

September 7th

NEWS: Palestinian protests against high prices continue. Palestinian taxi drivers clog roads as part of the protests. PM Fayyad says he is ready to resign if need be. Hamas says it will pursue Salafists in Gaza from “street to street.” Seven more Palestinians are killed in Syrian government shelling of the Yarmouk refugee camp. A Palestinian man is assaulted in Jerusalem in another suspected hate attack. House Intelligence Committee Chair Rogers confirms the US-Israel dispute over Iran policy. DM Barak says Israel reserves the right to take action on its own against Iran. A new poll suggests that most Jewish Israelis are optimistic about the future but Palestinian citizens are concerned. Pres. Morsy meets with Pres. Abbas. An Israeli oil company is asking the PA for permission to drill in the occupied territories. PM Netanyahu and US Amb. Shapiro reportedly had a harsh exchange of views on Iran last month. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish argues that the new Israeli campaign on Jewish refugees and migrants to Israel from the Arab world is cynical and unhelpful. Ahmad Majdoubeh says if there is a "Palestinian Spring" at hand, it's because of the divisions between Fatah and Hamas. Dominique Moisi says Palestinian and Jewish citizens have found a way to work together in medicine. George Hishmeh says the United States should work to build a nuclear-free Middle East. Ithamar Handelman-Smith says all of Israeli society is responsible for the attempted lynching of a Palestinian in Jerusalem. Khaled Diab says the plight of Bedouin children represents the threat Israel's occupation poses to all Palestinian students. Yoaz Hendel says the United States is naturally placing its own interests ahead of its friendship with Israel. Stuart Eizenstat and Lester Crown both say Pres. Obama has demonstrated his commitment to Israel's security "in countless ways." Eshkol Nevo says Jewish Israeli "price tag" violence is not just a disgrace, it's a national security threat. Chris McGreal says the DNC reversal on Jerusalem demonstrates what a low priority Middle East peace talks now are for the United States. Yossi Verter says Barak now opposes an attack against Iran. Eyal Chowers says the 1937 Peel Commission report still has much relevance for Israel and the Palestinians. Henry Siegman says Israel has destroyed the two-state solution and only serious Palestinian masures can revive it.

September 6th

NEWS: Six Palestinian militants are killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. The UN says Palestinians are slipping deeper into poverty. The PA financial crisis continues to deepen. Palestinian sources tell Xinhua some factions in the West Bank, without naming them, are inciting people to protest against PM Fayyad. President Abbas says the “Palestinian spring” has begun. Hamas is trying to regain its popularity in Gaza. The PA says it has arrested suspects in the assassination of a senior security official in Jenin. Hamas is training its diplomats in preparation to challenge the PLO internationally. Israel agrees to pay damages to the family of a Palestinian detainee left to die on a highway. Three French magistrates investigating his death are planning to exhume the body of the late Pres. Arafat. Following a controversy, the Democratic Party platform restores language saying Jerusalem is Israel's capital. A new study suggests gaps may be growing between Palestinian citizens of Israel and those living under occupation. COMMENTARY: Rami Livni says Israel must end the occupation, not for the Palestinians but for itself. Anshel Pfeffer says there are further signs that Israel will not be attacking Iran any time in the foreseeable future. Yariv Oppenheimer says everything Israel has constructed in the occupation is reversible. The Jerusalem Post says Israel must be tough with the Palestinians regarding electricity payments. Douglas Bloomfield says a lot of Israeli rhetoric about attacking Iran may be designed to make the reelection of Pres. Obama more difficult. Asharq Al-Awsat interviews Ghazi Hamad, "Deputy Foreign Minister" for Hamas, about the organization's diplomatic initiative. Crispian Balmer says that Israel is backing down from threats against Iran after being rebuked by the United States. Alon Pinkas says in spite of PM Netanyahu's mistakes, there is no “crisis” with the United States. Laura Rosen outlines the process whereby the DNC platform reintroduced Jerusalem into its text. Daniel Seidemann and Josh Rogin separately also examine the controversy. Aaron David Miller says the controversy is silly and irrelevant.

September 5th

NEWS: PM Netanyahu reportedly cut short a national security meeting on Iran, accusing one of its participants of leaking information to the media. Israel is trying to downplay differences with the United States over Iran policy. A senior Palestinian security officer in Jenin is killed by gunmen. The PA asks Israel to facilitate the travel of a French team investigating the death of the late Pres. Arafat. Israel releases a Hamas leader in the West Bank. PM Fayyad will debate a Palestinian youth leader on television. The PA forms a committee to investigate the rising cost of living. A Jewish Australian businessman has big plans for occupied East Jerusalem. The Israeli government is paying hundreds of thousands of shekels to move settlers' mobile homes from one part of the occupied West Bank to another. Norway's FM says Israel and the Palestinians may be losing the chance at a two-state solution. Knesset Speaker Rivlin says Pres. Obama doesn't understand the Middle East, while FM Lieberman praises him. The Israeli campaign to “counterbalance” the final status issue of Palestinian refugees with the question of Jewish refugees and migrants to Israel from Arab states is continuing. Bedouin children again begin attending a school threatened with demolition by Israel. The Democratic Party platform is changed to better reflect occupied East Jerusalem's role as a final status issue to be negotiated between the parties. COMMENTARY: Haim Saban says Pres. Obama's support for Israel has been rocksolid in every way. Ha'aretz says Israel's police are serving as an unlikely bridge between Palestinian and Jewish citizens. Zvi Bar'el says the blockade of Gaza has been counterproductive and should be lifted. Linda Gradstein asks if Israel is preparing to attack Iran. The Forward says there's too much secrecy about funding in American politics, including among pro-Israel organizations. Tony Karon says Israeli plans to attack Iran have fallen apart because of the force of reason. Avner Cohen says Israel's constant threats against Iran are damaging its relations with the United States. Peter Beinart says it looks like the United States, including the Democratic Party, is giving up on Israeli-Palestinian peace for the meanwhile.

September 4th

NEWS: A man in Gaza commits self immolation apparently in an act of economic despair. In response to Israeli prompting, the US is weighing new measures against Iran. Pro-settler vandals attack a monastery near Jerusalem. Egypt appoints a new ambassador to Israel. 300 settlers finally evacuate a tiny outpost after years of wrangling, although some of them are vowing to return. Israeli authorities threaten to demolish a Bedouin school in the occupied West Bank. Occupation forces are increasingly using their new “skunk” weapon against Palestinian protesters. Palestinians are increasingly distressed by the high cost of living in the West Bank. Sweeping new divorce laws empowering wives come into effect in the West Bank. Two people are killed as Syrian government forces again shell a Palestinian refugee camp. Israeli settlers and police begin evicting a Palestinian family in occupied East Jerusalem. Hamas is persisting with plans to censor the Internet in Gaza. Palestinians accuse Israel of pillaging Dead Sea resources. Hugh Naylor looks at the motivations for Suha Arafat's campaign regarding her late husband's death. Egyptian Jihadists claim Palestinians were behind the attack on Egyptian forces in Sinai. Palestinian refugees from Syria are facing harsh conditions in Jordan. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish says Americans have to make up their minds about whether Israeli-Palestinian peace is a vital national interest or not. Paul Thomas Chamberlin says history shows today's terrorists can be tomorrow's peacemakers. Avi Issacharoff says Israel, Egypt and Hamas need to work in an uneasy, unspoken coalition against Sinai extremists. Oudeh Basharat says emerging Arab democracy is good for Israel. Nir Hasson says a united Palestinian electorate could pick the next mayor of Jerusalem. Nahum Barnea says as bad as the current Israeli government is, the next one won't be any better. Herb Keinon says US-Israel differences over Iran are mainly due to the upcoming American election. Leonard Fein says the occupation is corrupting the soul of Israel. Julia Hurley says a new UN report has sounded a wake-up call on living conditions in Gaza. Shai Feldman says Pres. Peres is still important.

August 31st

NEWS: New divorce laws are allowing Palestinian women to more easily initiate divorces on their own. A rocket fired from Gaza hits a house in southern Israel, with no injuries reported. PM Netanyahu announces he will address the UN in September and focus mainly on Iran. DM Barak says Egypt is determined to control Sinai. Palestinians denounce new Israeli plans to control more land in the occupied West Bank. Iranian leaders say they support Palestinian reconciliation. Settlers stone a Palestinian bus near Ramallah injuring five. Hamas says it plans to censor the Internet in Gaza, ostensibly to fight pornography. Many Western countries have travel warnings for Israel. FM Lieberman compares FM Al-Maliki to Joseph Goebbels. Deputy PM Ya'alon complains that the US is undermining Israeli military threats against Iran. A UN rapporteur for human rights condemns the Rachel Corrie verdict. Normal life continues in Tel Aviv in spite of rumors of war with Iran. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey says the US should not be complicit in an Israeli attack against Iran. Gaza is enduring a severe and protracted crisis over water. The rabbi of a major Israeli settlement says attacking innocent Palestinians is “a sacrilege.” Swiss experts reiterate their willingness to analyze the remains of the late Pres. Arafat but they warn time is running out. COMMENTARY: Chaim Levinson provides a primer on the ongoing dispute over a tiny settlement outpost. Ben Shalev looks at a new sound being explored by violinist-composer Nassim Dakwar. Yehuda Lukacs says Israel should join NATO. Hassan Barari thinks Israel might attack Iran even without prior warning to the United States. Rachel Dolev says women are shut out of the national security conversation in Israel. Emily Hauser looks at the history of extremist comments by Rabbi Yosef of the Shas party.

August 30th

NEWS: Palestinians say their next moves at the UN will be determined in the coming weeks. An Israeli court yet again rules that a small group of settler families from a tiny unauthorized outpost must relocate. A French murder investigation deepens the controversy about the death of the late Pres. Arafat. The Israeli government says it plans to start rounding up and expelling Sudanese migrants. The religious Shas party in Israel is reportedly wary of war with Iran. An Israeli police officer kills a Palestinian during an alleged carjacking. Pres. Abbas says he won't hold bilateral talks with Iranian leaders during the NAM summit. Palestinian athletes in Gaza face obstacles training for the Paralympic games. Hamas says its politburo office in Damascus is “still open.” Israeli occupation forces destroy numerous Palestinian structures in the occupied West Bank. The University of California rejects an effort to create restrictions on free speech, especially regarding the Middle East conflict. Abbas reportedly tells a delegation of Israelis that “Israel is here to stay,” but that Palestine needs to be added to the map as well. COMMENTARY: Mahdi Abdul Hadi explains the Palestinian logic for Abbas attending the NAM summit. Yossi Verter says the settlers of "Migron" have only themselves to blame for court rulings against them. Gideon Levy says the Rachel Corrie verdict shows anyone protesting Israeli mischief is risking their lives. Carlo Strenger reiterates his view that the two-state solution "is dead.” Oren Yiftachel says Israeli colonization of the occupied West Bank is more dangerous to the country than any threat from Iran. Jonathan Rosen says it is willfully blind to ignore the damage done to the Israeli mindset by the occupation. Donald MacIntyre says the idea that Arafat was poisoned is a conspiracy theory, but widely believed in by Palestinians at all levels of society. Faik Tunay says Palestine is central to Israeli-Turkish relations. Hani al-Masri list three reasons why he thinks Israel is giving more travel permits to Palestinians.

August 29th

NEWS: A British eyewitness to the killing of Rachel Corrie contradicts the official Israeli account in a statement to the New York Times. Former commandos are coming to dominate Israel's politics. Egypt is reportedly negotiating with extremists in the Sinai Peninsula, as it simultaneously widens its campaign against them. FM Malki says Palestinians have put their renewed UN efforts on hold for now. A woman in Gaza is critically injured by Israeli forces. Two Palestinian cars are torched in the occupied West Bank. FM Lieberman invites Pres. Morsy to visit Israel. French authorities say they have opened a murder investigation into the death of the late Pres. Arafat, and a former senior Israeli official denies Israel was involved in any way in his death. PM Fayyad approves measures to counter the growing electricity crisis. A new report suggests that 40% of high school seniors in occupied East Jerusalem drop out. Fayyad will be making the case for statehood and introducing a new film about it at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. COMMENTARY: Anshel Pfeffer says the extreme right wing in Europe is now embroiled in a controversy over who to hate more: Muslims or Jews? Mordechai Twersky recalls a massacre of Jews in Hebron in 1929. Avi Issacharoff asks why, in the end, Hamas did not show up in Tehran during the NAM. The Jerusalem Post says the Rachel Corrie verdict should be a wake-up call for pro-Palestinian activists, but Hussein Ibish says it should be a wake-up call to Americans. The National says the verdict exposes the falsity of Israel's official narrative of Corrie's death. Natalia Simanovsky says the media missed the real importance of the visit to Auschwitz by an advisor to Pres. Abbas. David Horovitz outlines the bitter debate among Israeli insiders about the possibility of an attack against Iran.

August 28th

NEWS: An Israeli court rules that the state has no responsibility in the death of the American activist Rachel Corrie. Israeli schools are trying to address bigotry against Palestinians in the wake of the attempted lynching in Jerusalem. Israeli students in the extreme southern town of Sderot are now attending a rocket-proof school. Israel shells a Gaza compound after a rocket attack. Israelis are preparing gas masks and shelters in anticipation of a possible conflict with Iran. The UN suggests the Gaza Strip will become uninhabitable by 2020 if current trends continue. PM Netanyahu says the Etzion bloc of settlements south of Jerusalem are an integral part of Israel. Netanyahu suspends efforts to reorganize his personal investment portfolio. Human Rights Watch says the PA should investigate two incidents earlier this summer in which police beat protesters. Palestinian officials say Pres. Abbas will seek support for a renewed UN bid at the NAM conference. Israeli diplomats say FM Lieberman's attacks on Abbas are part of a campaign to discourage support for Palestinians at the UN. The PA says it is stopping recruitment and promotion due to its financial crisis. Increasing numbers of Palestinian students from occupied East Jerusalem are seeking degrees from Israeli universities. Pres. Morsy reassures Israel about his country's commitment to the peace treaty and security in Sinai, as Palestinian leaders reportedly express dissatisfaction with his government. Israeli officials are now claiming that the issue of Jewish refugees and migrants to Israel from Arab states is a “core issue” in negotiations with the Palestinians. COMMENTARY: Hussein Ibish argues Netanyahu and DM Barak have left themselves few good options in dealing with Iran's nuclear program. Amira Hass asks what can be learned from the Rachel Corrie case. Chris McGreal says the verdict reveals the Israeli "military mindset." Ha'aretz says Israeli settlement outposts are out of control. Gershon Baskin proposes a letter he thinks Abbas ought to send to the Israelis. Anat Hoffman says Israel must punish rabbis who preach hatred.

August 27th

NEWS: The family of Rachel Corrie awaits the verdict in their civil suit in Israel. Israel stops a large group of visiting activists from entering the occupied West Bank. Egyptian officials say that they have reopened the Gaza crossing point, but only for passengers. Israeli police have arrested suspects in a firebomb attack on a Palestinian taxi. 76 Egyptians are convicted in connection to an attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Hamas leader Hanniyeh drops plans to travel to Tehran during the Nonaligned Movement conference. Palestinian sources say Iran was “forced” to withdraw its invitation to him. Israel is closing a key Jerusalem checkpoint, relied on by the residents of the Shoafat refugee camp. PM Fayyad reportedly consults with Bank of Israel Governor Fischer on further steps to deal with the PA financial crisis. Qatar is reportedly opening an office in Gaza to oversee reconstruction efforts. PA Attorney-General al-Mughni has reportedly resigned. The US and Israel are reportedly divided over the latest IAEA report on Iran. Amid war rumors, an Israeli cabinet committee approves proposed changes to PM Netanyahu's personal investment portfolio. Former Israeli soldiers issue a booklet detailing their mistreatment of Palestinian children. Palestinians and Israeli settlers are struggling for control over market stalls in occupied Hebron. COMMENTARY: Chemi Shalev argues an Israeli attack against Iran would help Pres. Obama get re-elected. Susan Hattis Rolef says there is no consensus about the Oslo Accords in Israel today. Liron Libman says Israel should take an Egyptian request to modify the peace treaty regarding security in Sinai very seriously. Mohammad Fadhel says Egypt, too, needs to rethink its Sinai strategy. Linda Gradstein looks at FM Lieberman's rhetorical attacks against Pres. Abbas. Emad El Din Adeeb says Arabs need to ask themselves what, exactly, they would do in the event of an Iranian-Israeli war. Ghassan Khatib and Yossi Alpher explain why they are deciding to close their bitterlemons website.

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