Arab FMs say they will back Pres. Abbas efforts to lobby the UN to set a deadline for Israel to end its occupation. (Ha’aretz/The National)

A Palestinian official says Abbas wants the UN to replace the US as the leading peace broker between Israel and the Palestinians. (Jerusalem Post)

Fatah and Hamas are trading accusations after the Gaza war. (AFP)

Israeli sources say Hamas leader Meshaal may not have agreed to an August ceasefire that Hamas supposedly broke. (Times of Israel)

The Israeli navy arrests four Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza. (AP/Ma’an)

Norway’s FM Brende says a conference for Gaza reconstruction will be held in Cairo on Oct. 12. (Ma’an)

Palestinian-Belgians have begun consulting lawyers and human rights groups about filing war-crime complaints against Israeli officials and officers. (Ma’an)

A report from the Adva Center finds that settlements get significantly more government money than other Israeli communities. (Ynet)

Palestinian prisoner dies in an Israeli hospital. (Ma’an)

Saudi Arabia will host a meeting on Thursday to discuss terrorism with the US and other Middle Eastern countries. (AP/Reuters)

Iraq’s parliament officially names al-Abadi as the country’s new prime minister. (AP/Reuters/New York Times/Washington Post/The National)

Iraqi lawmakers urge PM al-Abadi to quickly fill the critical posts of defense and interior minister. (AP)

Sec. Kerry says the new Iraqi government is key to ISIS’ defeat. (AP)

Pres. Obama phones al-Abadi to discuss Washington's commitment to fight ISIS extremists. (Reuters)

Iraqi Kurdish and Shi’ite militias may be using US airstrikes on ISIS to further their own agendas. (Reuters)

The US wants Turkey to help in the fight against ISIS. (New York Times)

An article on the Al Jazeera arabic website mocks and doubts ISIS’ murder of two American journalists. (Al Arabiya)

The UN Envoy in Libya Leon urges militias to cease fire and work on a political settlement. (AP)


Hussein Ibish joins Feisal Istrabadi and Frederic Wehrey on the PBS NewsHour to discuss the international coalition against ISIS. (Video and Transcript: PBS)

Hussein Ibish reviews the first comprehensive history of Gaza in any language. (Book Forum)

The Daily Star says Palestinian politicians are unable to put aside differences for the greater national good. (Daily Star)

Jack Khoury says, despite the Arab League backing, Palestinians understand the war on ISIS comes first. (Ha’aretz)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says relief aid in Gaza is failing to reach the most desperate. (Al-Monitor)

Efraim Halevy asks who really won the Gaza war. (Ynet)

Akiva Eldar says Israel’s expropriation of West Bank land reveals PM Netanyahu’s strategy. (Al-Monitor)

Miriam Awadallah says Obama's “strategy of no strategy” on ISIS is intentional, and is part of a more responsible policy. (Annahar)

The New York Times says Obama will have to explain clearly his ISIS strategy. (New York Times)

David Ignatius says the US priority is to help Arabs fight ISIS. (Daily Star)

The CSM says Arabs need a hopeful model of progress if they are to rally behind the US in “destroying” ISIS. (Christian Science Monitor)

Jamal Khashoggi says Saudi Arabia is facing tough choices when it comes to defeating ISIS. (Al Arabiya)

The National says the UK needs to follow the Danish example in dealing with extremists. (The National)

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