July 16th


Israel intensifies its offensive in Gazakilling at least 14. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post/AFP/JTA/Jerusalem Post/The National)

35 Palestinians have been killed since Monday by Israeli airstrikes. (Ma’an)

Militants in Gaza fire more rockets at Israel, including Tel Aviv. (Reuters/AP/Ma’an/Ha’aretz)

Hamas claims responsibility for rocket fire on Israel. (AFP/The National)

PM Netanyahu says he will “further intensify” attacks on Hamas. (AFP)

The IDF confirms two rockets fell in open areas south of Haifa. (Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel)

Israeli officials say airstrikes on Gaza will become more intense in the coming days. (Ma’an)

DM Ya’alon wants to cut fuel and power supplies to Gaza. (Daily Star)

Pres. Abbas calls Pres. Sisi asking him to intervene to save the Palestinian people from the ongoing escalation in Gaza. (Ma’an)

The Arab League calls for an urgent meeting of the UNSC over the Israeli escalation in Gaza. (Jerusalem Post/Ynet)

The US calls for restraint and urges both sides to avoid harm to innocent civilians. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Jordan condemns the Israeli assault on Gaza. (Jordan Times)

Abbas will convene Palestinian leaders to sign a request to join the ICC. (Ha’aretz)

White House coordinator for the Middle East Philip Gordon accuses Israel of denying Palestinians sovereignty, security and dignity. (Times of Israel)

Israeli occupation forces detain several Hamas leaders in the West Bank. (Ma’an)

A US official says the three murdered Israeli teenagers were shot at least 10 times. (Reuters)

Supporters of Palestinian American teenager Tariq Abu Khdeir seek to bring him back home. (Ha’aretz/JTA)

Iraqi security forces find 53 blindfolded bodies south of Baghdad. (Reuters/New York Times)

PM Maliki accuses Kurds of hosting IS militants. (AP)

The Iraqi government tells the UN that it has lost control of a former chemical weapons facility to "armed terrorist groups." (Reuters)

Iran sends three attack planes to the Iraqi government. (New York Times)

US diplomat says his Bahrain expulsion was not about him. (AP/The National)

Syrian refugee women face harassment and poverty. (AP)

US Attorney General Holder says Europe and the US need to collaborate on Syria. (Washington Post)


Ron Kampeas says Egypt and the US might not help broker a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel. (JTA)

Anshel Pfeffer says there is a lack of a responsible power to broker an Israel-Hamas ceasefire. (Ha’aretz)

David Ignatius asks if Sec. Kerry will have the credibility to help rebuild dialogue after this new war in Gaza. (Washington Post)

Aaron David Miller says Kerry should not try to make peace between Israel and Gaza. (Foreign Policy)

Rami Khouri says Palestinians will not launch another intifada. (Daily Star)

Ben Caspit says Netanyahu is under pressure from his coalition for a large military operation in Gaza. (Al-Monitor)

Jeffrey Goldberg says each time a Palestinian is abused in Israeli custody, it violates the spirit and promise of the country. (The Atlantic)

Aaron David Miller says Israelis and Palestinians are in a game with no end. (CNN)

Yossi Mekelberg says to Israelis and Palestinians, peace should be the “ultimate revenge.” (Al Arabiya)

David Horovitz explains why Israel is fighting with Gaza again. (Times of Israel)

Gregg Carlstrom says the real battleground of occupied East Jerusalem is ready to “boil over.” (Foreign Policy)

Zvi Bar’el says Israelis are “longing for” the next intifada. (Ha’aretz)

Asmaa al-Ghoul says the Palestinian press is losing the “media war.” (Al-Monitor)

The Daily Star says Israel’s bombing of Gaza is a “recurring nightmare.” (Daily Star)

Osama Al Sharif says Abbas has failed to empathise with his own people. (Jordan Times)

Jonathan Cook says neither Israelis nor Palestinians can claim to be above a culture of hate. (The National)

Linda Gradstein interviews the mother of the murdered Palestinian teenager. (The Media Line)

Yadin Kaufmann makes the economic case for peace. (Ha’aretz)

The National says from Gaza to Iraq there is a clear lack of leadership. (The National)

David Ignatius says the tragedy of the US role in the modern Middle East is that it became the protector of the very post-imperial order it once resisted. (Washington Post)

Jamal Khashoggi says the Arab world needs to look inwards to explain ISIS’s rise. (Al Arabiya)

Ali Ibrahim says cutting subsidies in Egypt is inevitable. (Asharq al-Awsat)


The Jewish Daily Forward profiles the joint APN/ATFP internship program. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Israel escalates its aerial offensive on Gaza. (AP/New York Times/Washington Post/The National)

Israeli airstrikes kill eight members of a family including five children in a raid on Gaza. (Reuters/Washington Post)

The Israeli army says the killing of eight Palestinian family members was an error. (Ha’aretz)

Israeli airstrikes kill 81 Palestinians and injure over 550 since Monday. (Ma’an)

Hamas sends major rocket barrage across Israel. (Ha’aretz/JTA/Jerusalem Post/Ynet)

Israel says the Iron Dome interceptor has shot down 90 percent of Gaza rockets. (Reuters/New York Times)

PM Netanyahu says a cease-fire with Hamas is not on Israel's agenda. (Ha’aretz/Times of Israel)

Pres. Abbas says Israel is waging a war on all Palestinians. (Ha’aretz)

The ADL criticizes Abbas for accusing Israel of “genocide” against Palestinians. (Jerusalem Post)

FM Lieberman tells world leaders that Israel will defend its citizens. (JTA/Jerusalem Post)

A Hamas official says it would be willing to stop the rocket attacks in exchange for the release of members arrested by the Israeli army. (Times of Israel)

Egypt urges Israel and Hamas to halt their escalating conflict but plays down hopes of a Cairo-mediated truce. (AFP)

The UNSC will hold an emergency meeting on the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas. (AFP/Reuters)

Sec. Kerry says the crisis in Gaza and Israel needs de-escalation. (AP/Ynet)

Israel thwarts an alleged Palestinian attack on a major highway in the occupied West Bank. (Jerusalem Post)

Egyptian authorities open the Rafah crossing for injured Palestinians. (Ma’an)

Israel is considering filing criminal charges against one of the police officers who is suspected of severely beating a Palestinian-American teenager. (Ha’aretz/JTA)

Desmond Tutu accuses Israeli and Palestinian leaders of behaving "like children." (AFP)

The Arab media is reportedly indifferent to Hamas. (Times of Israel)

Jordanian protesters attempt to storm the Israeli embassy in Amman. (Jordan Times)

Kurdish ministers say they will boycott meetings of Iraq's caretaker cabinet as Baghdad halts cargo flights to two Kurdish cities. (Reuters/AP)

The UN says the nuclear material seized by extremists in Iraq is “low-grade” and not a threat. (New York Times)

Activists say jihadi fighters are battling to take the predominantly Kurdish areas in northern Syria. (AP)

Italian-Swedish diplomat Staffan de Mistura has been chosen by UNSG Ban to replace Brahimi as the international point man on Syria. (AP/New York Times)


Rula Salameh says Palestinian mothers in occupied East Jerusalem are terrified for their children’s safety.(New York Times)

Asmaa Al-Ghoul says Israeli strikes on Gaza have targeted residential homes, killing numerous women and children. (Al-Monitor)

The Daily Star says Arab regimes are abandoning the Palestinian people. (Daily Star)

The National says Netanyahu never misses an opportunity to play the victim or escalate a conflict. (The National)

Lara Friedman says the murder of Mohammed Abu Khdeir was framed for the entire world in a “dehumanizing and defamatory narrative.” (Jewish Daily Forward)

Gershon Baskin says military force alone will never be a proper response to human suffering. (Jerusalem Post)

Shlomi Eldar says Hamas was able to “surprise” Israel. (Al-Monitor)

Sima Kadmon says Netanyahu is facing a dilemma in Gaza. (Ynet)

Joyce Karam says Israel’s confrontations during World Cup tournaments have become symptomatic of a larger problem in Israeli politics. (Al Arabiya)

Ari Shavit says Israel’s years of calm are over. (Ha’aretz)

Ha’aretz says Finance Minister Lapid must stand up for peace. (Ha’aretz)

Eyad Abu Shakra says the Arab world currently feels like an “arid land” that has been set on fire. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Michael Young says the Middle East is at a foundational moment in its history. (Daily Star)

Kori Schake says ISIS is running a “brilliantly effective” social media campaign. (Foreign Policy)

Raymond Tanter asks if PM Maliki will lose his job. (Foreign Policy)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed says the international community should not support Islamic groups in Syria. (Al Arabiya)

Michael Young says Lebanon continues to pay a heavy price for the Syrian crisis. (The National)


Israeli airstrikes kill more Palestinians in Gaza. (Reuters/Washington Post)

Palestinian death toll in Gaza nears 100 as Hamas promises more attacks on Israel. (New York Times/Ma’an/Ha’aretz/The National)

rocket fired from Gaza hits Ashdod, injuring three Israelis. (Ma’an/JTA/Jerusalem Post)

Pres. Obama offers the help of the US in negotiating a cease-fire. (AP/AFP/JTA/Ha’aretz/Jerusalem Post)

At the request of the US, the PA has reportedly approached Hamas to try to broker a ceasefire. (Times of Israel)

An Israeli official says ceasefire offers are “not relevant” while Hamas continues to fire rockets. (Times of Israel)

UNSG Ban calls for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. (AFP)

Pres. Sisi is reportedly torn between Palestinians and Hamas. (Ha’aretz)

Hamas’ armed wing says it will target Israel’s Ben-Gurion international airport. (Reuters/Ynet)

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay doubts the legality of Israel’s Gaza offensive. (Reuters/AFP)

Israel and the US try to ward off UN condemnations of Gaza air strikes. (Ha’aretz)

Quartet Envoy Blair says Israel will not be able to “destroy” Hamas. (Ynet)

Egyptian authorities close the Rafah crossing with Gaza. (Ma’an)

Qatar donates $5 million to help buy medicines for Gaza hospitals. (Ma’an)

There is a rise of anti-Arab sentiments among Jewish Israeli youth. (New York Times)

Two rockets are fired into northern Israel from southern Lebanon. (Reuters/AFP/Ynet/Daily Star)

Pres. Erdogan says Turkey will not normalize its ties with Israel unless Gaza assault stops. (Reuters/AFp)

Middle East Eye profiles Palestinian American comedian Maysoon Zayid. (Middle East Eye)

Iraqi FM Zebari says the Kurdish political bloc will no longer take part in Iraq's national government. (Reuters)

Kurdish forces take over two oilfields in northern Iraq. (Reuters/AP)

Ayatollah Sistani urges fighters to respect the rights of all Iraqis, regardless of sect or politics. (Reuters)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the death toll in Syria’s three-year war has eclipsed170,000 people. (The National)


ATFP Youth Outreach Coordinator Tala Haikal says empathy is essential to humanity, especially in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (Huffington Post)

J.J. Goldberg says the conflict in Gaza is a product of universal miscalculation. (Jewish Daily Forward)

Adnan Abu Amer says Pres. Abbas inaction in Gaza is infuriating Hamas. (Al-Monitor)

Ha’aretz warns against another “Cast Lead” operation in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Eric Yoffie says Israel must stop settlements and Hamas must stop firing rockets. (Ha’aretz)

Adam Bronfman says Israelis must call for an end to settlements now. (Times of Israel)

The Media Line interviews advisor to Abbas Majdi Al-Khaldi. (The Media Line)

Jonathan Power says violence against children has become an epidemic. (Jordan Times)

Brooklyn Middleton says physicians in Gaza are desperately seeking solutions to continue providing care. (Al Arabiya)

The Jordan Times says Israel’s only sensible choice  to instantly open talks with 22 Arab governments. (Jordan Times)

Ahmad Majdoubeh says regional instability is not in Israel’s interest. (Jordan Times)

H.A. Hellyer says it is necessary to invoke religion in a counter-radicalisation strategy in the Middle East. (The National)

Jane Arraf says Ahmad Chalabi is likely could become Iraq’s next prime minister. (Foreign Policy)

Wafiq Al-Samarrai says what recently happened in Mosul and Tikrit will not happen in Samarra and Baghdad. (Asharq al-Awsat)

The New York Times says the Obama administration needs to press the Bahraini government to negotiating with Shiites. (New York Times)

The National says the international nuclear talks are Iran’s chance for positive regional engagement. (The National)


The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 172 and more than 1230 injured. (Ma’an)

Rockets from Gaza injure an Israeli boy in Ashdod. (Ha’aretz)

The Israeli military says it has downed a drone launched by militants from Gaza. (AP/Reuters/New York Times/Washington Post/JTA)

Hamas warns it will use new weapons if Israeli airstrikes continue. (The Media Line)

Israel warns Palestinians in Gaza to leave their homes. (PNN)

Thousands of Palestinians flee northern Gaza. (New York Times/Washington Post/Ha’aretz/The National)

Palestinian children in Gaza are traumatized by war. (Ynet)

The UNSC calls for an Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire. (AP/The National)

Pres. Abbas will ask the UN to put the state of Palestine under “international protection.”(AFP/Ha’aretz)

The EU says it is pressing for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. (Reuters)

Sec. Kerry asks PM Netanyahu to avoid further escalation in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

The Arab League will meet in Cairo to discuss Israel's bombardment of Gaza. (AFP)

DM Ya’alon says leaders of Hamas will see the destruction Israel has inflicted on them when they come out of their hiding. (Jerusalem Post)

FM Lieberman says ending the Gaza operation now will only mean more fighting in the future. (Ynet)

Pope Francis appeals for peace in Gaza. (AFP)

Pres. Rouhani calls on the Muslim world to help Gaza. (Times of Israel)

King Abdullah of Jordan urges Israel to stop targeting civilians. (AFP/Jordan Times)

rocket fired from Gaza knocks out a power line in Israel that supplied electricity to 70,000 Palestinians in Gaza. (Jerusalem Post)

The Shin Bet releases the chronology of the killing of a Palestinian teenager. (Times of Israel)

Israel charges three Jewish Israelis for the killing of the Palestinian teenager. (AP)

Israeli occupation forces kill a Palestinian man during clashes in the West Bank. (Reuters/Ma’an/PNN/JTA/Jerusalem Post/Times of Israel)

Israeli occupation forces detain 11 Hamas members in the West Bank. (Ma’an)

Egypt opens the Rafah crossing to allow pilgrims to leave Gaza and travel to Saudi Arabia. (Ma’an)

A light rail line connecting Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem is damaged during riots. (New York Times)

Two rockets fired from Lebanon reach Western Galilee. (Ynet)

Eight Egyptians are killed in a mortar attack in Sinai. (AP)

Heavy clashes along the Syrian-Lebanese border kill several people, including a number of Hezbollah fighters. (AP/Reuters)

Iraq’s parliament fails to overcome the deep divisions hampering the formation of a new government. (The National)

Sec. Kerry will hold in-depth discussions with FM Zarif. (AP/Reuters/New York Times)


Hussein Ibish says all sides in the conflict are cynical and Hamas seeks concessions from Egypt. (The National)

The Daily Star says what is happening in Gaza is being ignored by the rest of world. (Daily Star)

Roger Cohen says Israel is the Middle East’s status quo power par excellence. (New York Times)

David Horovitz asks if Netanyahu really supports a two-state solution. (Times of Israel)

Jeffrey Goldberg says Netanyahu cannot hold to the West Bank forever. (The Atlantic)

Natan Sachs says neither Israel or Hamas can win from this “war of attrition.” (Foreign Policy)

Akiva Eldar says Israel and Hamas are in a lose-lose situation. (Al-Monitor)

Amos Yadlin says if Hamas accepts an Israeli ceasefire proposal it means that it has been deterred. (Ynet)

Ron Ben-Yishai says Israel must send ground troops to Gaza. (Ynet)

Ha’aretz calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Aeyal Gross asks if Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Rami Khouri says colonialism never ended in Palestine. (Daily Star)

Amer Al Sabaileh says Israel is experiencing a crisis, and the key to resolving it could be found in joining a regional anti-terror alliance. (Jordan Times)

Ayesha Almazroui says the Arab world must help the people of Gaza. (The National)

Vali Nasr says diplomacy can still save Iraq. (New York Times)

Abdul Rahman Al Rashed looks at the significance of Izzat al-Douri and the Ba’ath Party. (Al Arabiya)

Jamal Khashoggi asks if the ISIS threat in Saudi Arabia is more dangerous than in other countries. (Al Arabiya)

Tariq Alhomayed says Sunni Arabs must confront ISIS. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Zalmay Khalilzad says the world must get ready for Kurdish independence. (New York Times)

The National says young fighters should explain the realities of war to convince young people people not to go fight. (The National)


Egypt offers a ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel. (AP/Ha’aretz)

Israel’s security cabinet accepts the Egyptian ceasefire deal. (New York Times/Washington Post/JTA/Times of Israel/The National)

Hamas spokesperson Abu Zuhri says they were not consulted by Egypt about ceasefire arrangements and only heard of the initiative through media outlets. (Ma’an)

Hamas continues firing rockets from Gaza into Israel. (Reuters/AFP/JTA/Jerusalem Post)

The Israeli military says it has resumed airstrikes on Gaza. (AP/JTA/Ha’aretz/Times of Israel/Jerusalem Post)

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza reaches 192 and more than 1300 injured. (PNN)

Kerry condemns Hamas rocket fire in the face of a “goodwill effort” to secure a ceasefire. (Ynet/Reuters)

Pres. Obama praises Egypt’s ceasefire proposal. (AP/Reuters/Times of Israel)

Sec. Kerry has decided not to make to an immediate trip to the Middle East to push diplomatic efforts toward a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. (AP)

Pres. Abbas praises the Egyptian initiative. (Ynet)

Pres. Peres and Quartet Envoy Blair praise the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire. (Ynet)

Gaza’s Ministry of Health announces a state of emergency. (IRIN)

Israeli occupation forces clash with Palestinians in the West Bank, injuring seven. (Ma’an)

Hamas publishes a photo of a drone it says it built. (New York Times)

An Israeli official says Israel has found funding for three new Iron Dome rocket interception batteries. (Reuters)

The Gaza conflict is reportedly costing Israel $32 million a day. (Ha’aretz)

PM Erdogan accuses Israel of committing “state terrorism” against the Palestinians. (AFP)

Jordan warns against consequences of war in Gaza amid regional turmoil. (Jordan Times)

The Iraqi parliament elects a new SpeakerSalim al-Jubouri. (AP/New York Times)

The Iraqi army and Shi’ite militias launch an assault to retake Tikrit. (Reuters)

Kerry says there are still big gaps in nuclear talks with Iran. (AP)

The UN says it will withdraw its staff from Libya temporarily because of the deteriorating security. (AP/Reuters)

Pres. Assad will be sworn in for a new seven-year term on Wednesday. (AFP)


Hassan Barari says Israel’s current war in Gaza is not the first and will most likely not be the last. (Jordan Times)

H.A. Hellyer says the people of Gaza are victims to two “wars on terror.” (Al Arabiya)

Bradley Burston calls on PM Netanyahu to end the war in Gaza. (Ha’aretz)

Amos Harel gives seven takeaways from seven days of “Operation Protective Edge.” (Ha’aretz)

Etgar Keret asks what to do when an Israeli-Palestinian peace is out of reach. (Los Angeles Times)

Salman Aldossary says the Gaza tragedy is a scene that repeats itself. (Asharq al-Awsat)

Nimrod Nir says Israelis must remember to fight terror and not the Palestinians. (New York Times)

The National says insanity is reigning in Israel’s crisis management. (The National)

Sharif Nashashibi says two Gazas exist one as presented in the major media, and the other on the ground and in social media. (The National)

Mark Perry says Israel's military offensive will backfire. (Foreign Policy)

Dan Rabinowitz says a courageous Israeli leader would declare a unilateral ceasefire. (Ha’aretz)

Linda Gradstein says Israel is debating the efficacy of a military ground operation in Gaza. (The Media Line)

The Jordan Times says Jordan has a sent a clear message to the US that it will take no part in training Syrian opposition forces on its territory. (Jordan Times)

The Daily Star says the US needs to come up with a policy for Syria. (Daily Star)

The CSM says the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq opens an opportunity for Kurds to seek an independent state.(Christian Science Monitor)

Laura Kokotailo says Americans and Kurds should be allied against ISIS. (Bas News)

July 8th

ATFP Calls for De-Escalation between Israel and the Palestinians
Press Release - Contact Information: Ghaith al-Omari - July 8, 2014 - 12:00am

ATFP Calls for De-Escalation between Israel and the Palestinians

American Task Force on Palestine - 1634 Eye St. NW, Suite 725, Washington DC 20006 - Telephone: 202-262-0017