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Amb. Maen Areikat:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. This is my first presence at a gala of the American Task Force on Palestine. I have to admit that I am really proud of the work of ATFP and all the efforts that they are doing here in Washington. I am proud to be a supporter of ATFP.

The following is the text of a letter from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas addressed to ATFP President Ziad J. Asali and its Board members on the occasion of the Fourth Annual ATFP Gala, Oct. 15, 2009.

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Dear Dr. Asali, President of ATFP and honorable Board Members:

On the occasion of the Fourth Annual Gala of ATFP, it is my sincere pleasure to congratulate you on the achievements and successes that your organization has made during the short period since its establishment. As an American Palestinian organization that promotes the fundamental values and ideals of the American people, you have been instrumental in advocating the just cause of peace and freedom for your Palestinian brethren.

The work you are undertaking to support a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on a two-state solution is highly commended and appreciate it. We share this common goal wholeheartedly with you.

I encourage you to pursue this goal relentlessly in order to bring peace and stability to our region.

Your tradition of honoring Palestinians at your Gala is worthy of pride and admiration. Each one of your honorees tonight has their own success story showing the talent and resilience of Palestinians everywhere and expressing gratitude to the welcoming spirit of the United States of America.

We in Palestine are committed to bringing about a dignified peace that provides liberty, prosperity and security to our people and our neighbors. President Obama and the US administration are vital and indispensable partners in our quest for a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.

The support of Palestinians and Americans in this country is crucial to enable us to establish an independent and sovereign Palestinian state alongside Israel. We are looking forward to an active encouragement by all of you in support of this noble objective.

We are confident that we can rely on you and the ATFP in helping us in achieving our mutual goals.

The perseverant and consistent efforts made by the President of the ATFP, Dr. Asali, its board members and supporters, are a guarantee that we have real friends in the US that we can count on.

Thank you

Ramallah: 15th Oct. 2009

Mahmoud Abbas
President of Palestine
Chairman of the executive committee of the PLO
President of the Palestinian National Authority

Amb. Areikat remarks continue:

This evening I have the honor of conferring ATFP's Special Recognition to a man I am sure is known by all of you, Amb. Robert Pelletreau. Amb. Pelletreau's long and distinguished career in diplomacy and public service spans over 35 years. During that time, the Ambassador held multiple positions at both the State Department and the Department of Defense. Most recently, he oversaw a blossoming peace process at the decisive moment in history as the Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs. But he has also served in nine Arab countries as the United States Ambassador and was the man chosen to initiate the first-ever official contact between the United States and the PLO during Pres. Reagan's formal reversal of long-standing US policy towards the PLO in 1988. Over the course of his career, Amb. Pelletreau became an eyewitness to the contemporary history of the Middle East and the various changes facing the Arab world, and has been a consistent voice of reason, thoughtful deliberation and nuanced political judgment.

In addition to serving his country as a seasoned diplomat and dedicated public servant, Amb. Pelletreau has emerged as one of the most astute and thoughtful analysts of the modern Middle East and a scholar in his own right. Moreover, he remains a tireless advocate for a comprehensive peace and a fair resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. As Palestinians, we are grateful to Amb. Pelletreau for his service, his wisdom and his continued support for a just and lasting peace. And, as the Palestinian representative in Washington, I am personally honored to recognize him here tonight and to express our sincere appreciation for all his efforts to facilitate a better understanding between Palestinians and Americans.

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