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My dear friend Dr. Asali,

On the occasion of the ATFP’s second annual gala, it is my pleasure to offer you my deepest congratulations. I am filled with pride as I see the names and achievements of your honorees in public service, the private sector and the sciences. Please do extend my heartfelt congratulations to ambassador Kattouf, Mr. Farouk Shami and Dr. Baramki.

In its short existence, ATFP has become a prominent voice for the interest of both the American and the Palestinian people. It has become a voice that defines peace and the two-state solution as a core of a very real common national interest for both peoples. ATFP is a constructive voice that reflects the bright contrast between the silent majority’s desire for peace and prosperity and the vocal minority that thrives on exclusion, disengagement and blind criticism. Your efforts, and those of similar minded Arab and Palestinian-American organizations, will continue to be of the utmost importance whether now as attempts to reach peace are underway or in the future as we embark on building the Palestinian state.

Congratulations again, and my best wishes for success in your worthy endeavor.


Mahmoud Abbas,
Chairman of the Executive Committee or the
Palestine Liberation Organization
President of the Palestinian National Authority


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