Yehonatan Toker
Foreign Policy Intern


My name is Yehonatan Toker, 28, from Jerusalem. I’m a third-year literature student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.I teach in various informal education organizations and in pre-army leadership programs in Israel. As someone who lives the daily reality of Israel, I feel the need to step forward and be a part of a young generation who wants to create a new dialogue that will eventually bring us to a new reality, one that we get to choose and not to be chosen by.

As a participant of the NSL program, I get to be exposed and to take part in an Israeli-Palestinian dialogue that includes this internship at ATFP. This experience allows me to gain a unique glimpse of the work that is being done regarding the conflict from a different side, the side that I got used to referring to as the “other”.

For me, the internship at ATFP is a huge opportunity not only to continue the ongoing dialogue, but to help and shape its future. They say you should not judge a person until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Well, I'm here to do just that. I have the opportunity to walk alongside with ATFP and see where the road leads us.

For me, this internship is an opportunity to be a part of a new dialogue that will hopefully later on be translated into action. I hope that this internship will allow me to embrace creative thinking and to contribute my share to a new perspective about the reality back home and to see how American interests can help and affect our daily lives throughout the region.

Above all, my personal hope is to be a part of a new young generation seeking a better future for both sides

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