Katerina Mansour
Foreign Policy Intern


My name is Katerina Mansour and I am a junior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I am a double major in International Relations and History, with a minor in Political Science. I attended American University my freshman year, and hope to return for my Graduate studies, which will be focused on some shape or form of international studies, as I intend on having a career involved with international development, global peace, and human rights. I have a fairly international background, having been born in Athens, and lived throughout various countries in Europe and the Middle East, the most significant ones being France (my home country), where I lived until I was 17 years old, and Saudi Arabia where I lived when I was a young child. French is my native language, however it isn’t my father’s as he is Palestinian, which brings me to my interest in ATFP. My father made it his mission as I was growing up to keep me informed about what his family had gone through due to the creation of the state of Israel.

As a younger child, I mostly saw him as resentful and stuck in the past. However, as I grew up I realized how significant all the stories he had told me were, and how important it is for the Israelis and Palestinians to find a solution to the issues that have been going on throughout the past decades. There are many generalizations made about the United States in regards to Israel and the Jewish people. Many believe that the United States’ support towards Israel is appalling. However, I think the focus should not be on how much support and focus the United States gives to Israel and the Jewish population, but rather the lack of focus given to the Palestinian people. The Palestinians’ reputation has been severely damaged due to terrorist groups fighting against the Israeli government. Many people in the US dismiss the Palestinian cause entirely, as they believe all Palestinians are terrorists who wish to end the state of Israel. I am drawn to ATFP due to their mission statement. It is imperative for more knowledge about the Palestinian cause to spread throughout the United States, or more importantly throughout D.C. Furthermore, the only sound solution the Israelis and Palestinians can engage in, is that of a two state solution. It is categorical that we help both sides understand why they should accept a two state solution, and it’s through organizations such as the ATFP that this will ultimately be possible. There are many organizations out there with a focus on the Middle East, their conflict, and the many issues that arise in the region. However, there are not that many with a focus such as the ATFP’s. The Palestinian people need aid, and that is why I am here.


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