Ghalia Estaiteyeh
Communications Intern



Peace is a theme that is universally desired, but complex to all. Growing up, I was continuously exposed to the intense conflicts in the Middle East; from Palestine to Iraq to a more recent Syria. Though they prodded me to develop an open mind, I also began to feel the need to help those in need; to find a solution to the many conflicts that were being battled globally.

Over the years, particularly in Palestine, there have been attempts upon attempts to solve the growing issue faced by the Palestinian people – Israeli occupation. The flow of destruction and dehumanization, inflicted by the Israeli system and experienced by the inhabitants of Palestine violated hundreds of moral codes and international laws. In order to stop this and work towards the well-being of all, compromise is essential – and this is exactly what the American Task Force on Palestine proposes.

The ATFP aims to establish a Palestinian state alongside an Israeli state. In doing this, the Palestinian people will be able to thrive in every aspect on their own land; and they will be able to do so without the harassment of the Israeli administration. This is because the Israelis will have the ability to live in an Israeli state as well. This ideology is the only efficient way to bring peace into the conflict that has plagued the region for so long. The peaceful, non-violent efforts, involving productive dialogue and communication systems, that the ATFP strategically proposes, are appealing to many of those who are willing to work towards peace and equality.

As I become more educated and aware of the world around me, I recognize and appreciate the efforts of the American Task Force on Palestine. International relations and global social issues are very significant in my life; as I have grown up constantly aware of world affairs. Becoming involved with the ATFP allows me to contribute towards a goal that is important to me and to the world as well. Being a part of the ATFP will allow me to gain insight on not only the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but on global issues as a whole. These experiences will help me to achieve goals and will correspond with my mindset incredibly.

Ultimately, the ATFP offers ideologies and experiences that go hand in hand with my interests and mentality. An open-minded, non-violent approach to conflict allows peace to be a more realistic goal. Because of my constant exposure to the occurrences within the world, and constant retaining of information about these occurrences, following the approach of the ATFP is a very beneficial and relevant opportunity that will allow for well-being and peace within modern day society.

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