David Chaykowski
Foreign Policy Intern


David Chaykowski is a senior at the American University School of Public Affairs. He majors in Political Science, with a focus on Political Theory and Philosophy. Within this category David has emphasized the study of Cosmopolitanism, Democracy, and Ethics. His undergraduate work has addressed topics including Liberation Theology in Iran and the greater Middle East, Democracy in Israel and the Occupied Territories, and Islamic philosophy.

David is interested in how issues that may seem small in a global context, such as the Israel-Palestine conflict can be interrelated to much larger regional problems, and find themselves central to any grander solution for something as broad as the United State's approach to relationships in the Middle East. Because of this, he feels that the end of occupation for Palestinians and their recognition on the global stage is crucial for the aspirations of Democracy in the Middle East and the legitimacy of the United Nations and International Law.

The United States is an influential actor in many global issues, especially the Israel-Palestine conflict, and it is the responsibility and interest of its citizens as well as the state itself to ensure that its involvement facilitates freedom and Democracy while recognizing and respecting the diverse forms cultures of Democracy may take.

The ATFP furthermore advocates for the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestine, and while this event would certainly not conclude all the problems that face the Israeli-Palestinian relationship, it will radically improve the lives of Palestinians who presently are policed and occupied by another nation's military. It will also provide a more stable foundation upon which Palestinians can contribute to global discourse as a society and culture. For these reasons David believes the equality of Palestine as a nation amongst others will find itself as a cornerstone to a more compassionate practice of politics for the United States, Israel, and Palestine.   


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